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If you have enough room in your mouth, then your wisdom teeth are simply bonus teeth. However, countless numbers of us do not have that room. So your wisdom teeth may only prove an inconvenience or even a health risk! If your mouth and wisdom teeth don’t look like they are getting along well, then it may be time to visit us for wisdom teeth removal in Irvine.

What Is Wisdom Teeth Removal Like?

While wisdom teeth removal is technically a surgical procedure, it is quite straightforward. In many cases, it may take only a matter of minutes and may even only need local anesthesia. For severely impacted teeth, you may need sedation in order to stay comfortable. We work closely with patients to find the best solution to keep them fully comfortable and safe during their procedure.
Once you have the appropriate numbing or anesthesia, your oral surgeon will remove the selected wisdom teeth with small incisions. They will then close the incisions with sutures to promote faster healing. From start to finish the entire process typically takes well under 45 minutes. After everything is finished, you can return home the same day to begin resting and recovering.
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Why Do Wisdom Teeth Need to Be Extracted?

Some lucky few people will be able to have their wisdom teeth grow in without a problem. But things do not go so smoothly for the rest of us. One of the main reasons patients need to take out their wisdom teeth is that the teeth become impacted. That is, the teeth get stuck under the gums, sometimes turned completely on their sides.
In these cases, they can not only cause discomfort, but can also lead to symptoms such as increased risk of infection and your teeth shifting. Impacted wisdom teeth may even undo the effects of your braces, pushing your teeth back into crooked positions.
Other patients may have a little more room in their mouth, but their wisdom teeth may grow in incorrectly. This also can provoke several health risks and lead to unpleasant symptoms.

Do I Need My Wisdom Teeth Removed?

When either of these situations are at risk, it is often best to remove your wisdom teeth before they can become a problem. First, we recommend visiting your dentist. We can take a look at your mouth or your child’s mouth and make accurate estimates for whether their wisdom teeth will prove problematic or not in the future. If it looks like a patient does not have enough room, we may recommend taking them out before the tooth can cause problems later on.
To decide if your wisdom teeth need removal or not, we always conduct a thorough examination. This includes not only a physical exam of your mouth and gums, but detailed x-rays to see the exact locations and sizes of your wisdom teeth. Once we have a clear picture of your oral health, we can either recommend keeping or extracting your wisdom teeth. We are sure to provide complete and fully transparent information every step of the way so you can make your decision with comfort and confidence.

Recovering from the Procedure

Fortunately, recovering from wisdom teeth removal is relatively easy compared to other surgeries. Depending on the anesthesia used for your procedure, you may need someone to drive you home. After that, most patients take about 2-3 days off from work or school to let their bodies heal back up. Some bleeding, swelling, and discomfort are normal for after this procedure, but they rapidly improve in only a couple of days.
Generally we may prescribe some pain relievers and anti-inflammatory medication to help ease the recovery process and reduce any risk of infection. Depending on the type of sutures used, you may need to come back in to have them taken out. However, it is very common to use sutures that will come out on their own after a couple of days.
If you have any questions or concerns after your wisdom teeth removal, just give us a call and we will do all we can to help you out. We will gladly see you for a follow-up visit or provide additional info and answers to any of your questions. In short, we are by your side before, during, and after any of our treatments and procedures.

Tooth Extraction

Aside from wisdom teeth, patients may need other teeth pulled in certain instances. While we will always do everything possible to preserve a tooth, sometimes the damage, decay, or other factors can make pulling it the best option. The good news is that tooth extraction is quite straightforward and a quick procedure that can be as quick as only a few minutes. Many patients are capable of returning to their routines within a day or two after their tooth extraction in Irvine, and the recovery process is generally quick and manageable.

Signs I Need a Tooth Pulled

  • Severe tooth pain (a sign of significant infection or damage)
  • Crowding (not enough space for all your teeth)
  • Gum disease (in later stages)
  • Severe tooth decay (with significant loss of tooth material)
  • Severe or significant breaks in a tooth that cannot be repaired

Schedule Your Appointment

Whether you are experiencing impacted wisdom teeth or want to prevent future symptoms, you can call us to schedule your appointment. After a full evaluation, we can help you decide on whether you want your wisdom teeth out. Call us or use our online form to set up your appointment today for wisdom teeth removal in Irvine. We look forward to doing our part in keeping your smile healthy at every point in your life.