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What Is A Crown?

Crowns are often placed in your month to do many things. Dental crowns are covers or caps that go over your teeth. These crowns are put in place to restore and fix badly damaged or broken teeth. Dental crowns are essential to restoring teeth and often do more than just enhance the aesthetic appearance.
Often we find that dental crowns can serve several functions. They are attached to a bridge to help replace many missing teeth, they can cover exposed implants, restore cracked teeth, prevent teeth from breaking, and offer structural support in gaps where the tooth is missing.

Are There Different Types Of Crowns?

Our crowns are made from several different materials. Depending on our findings, we can construct your crown from metallic alloys, ceramics, porcelain, and even composite resin. Regardless of the material that it is made from, we aim also to match the color of the material to the color of your teeth. Matching your crown to the color of your teeth creates a natural look and is essential to the fitting.
In order to determine what type of material is used for the fitting, will depend on what we can determine from our initial examination. In this examination, we will look for several things such as:
  • The location of the damaged tooth/teeth
  • How much of your tooth is covered or exposed when smiling
  • The color of the surrounding teeth
  • The current health of the gum tissue
Similarly, we will also work closely with you and your insurance provider to find the best option and preference.
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What Is the Process?

The process of creating dental crowns is rather simple and straightforward. Upon deciding which type of material to be used in the procedure, our expert dental team will begin to prepare the tooth to be fitted.
After removing all the decayed portions of the affected tooth, our dental care experts will begin to build the supporting structures for the crown and make the mold of your new crown.
Once the crown is created and fitted, we will place a temporary crown until the permanent crown is ready to be placed. When your permanent crown is ready, we will place it, adjust it, and ensure that you are happy with the feeling and placement.

Before & After Dental Crown

Patient before treatment picture
Patient after treatment picture

How Do I Care For My New Crown?

Caring for your new crown is very similar to caring for your natural teeth. We would like to remind you that the existing tooth underneath the crown is susceptible to damage or cavities.
In order to prevent these cavities, we recommend that you brush, floss, and rinse twice daily. Please ensure that these oral care products are quality and meet your needs along with ADA standards.
We also recommend that upon receiving your crown, do avoid chewing hard candies, ice, or other sturdy objects. Chewing on such objects can lead to the dislodging of your crown and could create structural damage to the surrounding teeth.
Last but not least, we also recommend that you continually keep up with regular dental visits. With these scheduled exams and cleanings, we can make sure that your crowns, oral care regimen, and overall health is in good order.

Are Crowns The Right Fit For You?

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