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Emergency Dentistry in Irvine

Injury and accidents can happen anywhere at any time. Usually, you will be fine, but in those cases where you need care right away, our emergency dentistry in Irvine is here for you. Maybe a tooth infection has just spread too far, or perhaps you got knocked in the face during a sport. Whatever your case might be, we are here to help with same-day appointments in Irvine for when you simply cannot wait. Your oral health is always our number one priority, night and day!

What Is Emergency Dentistry?

Your emergency dentist is here for any time you need urgent, timely care for dental concerns. If time is of the essence, we can get you in for a same-day appointment and provide quick, efficient treatment for a range of dental concerns.
Some of the main examples of emergency dentistry involved treatments such as:
  • Root canals: If a tooth infection has become too dangerous, you may need emergency treatment.
  • Oral trauma: Chipped, cracked, or knocked out teeth may be a dental emergency, depending on the severity.
  • Tooth extraction: Sometimes, a tooth needs to be pulled quickly to prevent further damage. Usually, this is due to advanced decay or significant injury.
  • Filling replacement: If a filling fell out or was knocked out, getting it fixed ASAP should be a top priority.
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When Should I See an Emergency Dentist?

In most cases, the easiest way to answer this is to ask yourself: does this feel or look like a dental emergency? Trust your instincts on this and you should arrive at the right answer. For all dental-related concerns, you should definitely see an emergency dentist rather than going to the emergency room at a hospital. Your dentist can give you the care you need right away, while the ER will likely just send you over to the nearest dentist. Save yourself the time and effort and just go to your emergency dentist right off the bat.
Below are some signs that you may have a dental emergency on your hand.
  • Knocked out tooth: If your tooth is not in your mouth, you’ll need us to do something about that. In some cases, we may even be able to save the tooth and put it back in!
  • Oral bleeding: Seeing blood rarely is a good sign, and it certainly is bad news if it is coming from your teeth and gums. Whether from an infection or injury, it needs to be addressed.
  • Significant pain: If it hurts like an emergency, then it most likely will be one. Pain tolerance can vary, but listen to your body. Pain is its way of telling you “go to the dentist now!”
  • Loose teeth: Adult teeth should never feel loose. Does yours? Dental emergency time! Loose teeth can be a sign of advanced gum disease and may mean the tooth is close to falling out!
  • Infections: If you think you have an infection in your teeth or gums, that is a great reason to head on over to your emergency dentist. The sooner you get treatment for an infection, the safer you make your mouth and body as a whole.

Preparing for Your Emergency Treatment

When you call us for your appointment, we will also provide you with some advice for before you arrive. For example, if you cracked or knocked out a tooth, we can provide detailed instructions to help increase the chances of saving the tooth through treatment. Likewise, we may provide additional instructions for other cases, such as loose teeth, bleeding from gums, and severe pain.
Once you arrive at the office, we will conduct a thorough exam to see precisely what treatment you need. And then we provide it! Simple as that. If you need a root canal, we go ahead and deliver a comfortable and effective root canal treatment. If you need a tooth pulled or put back in, we get right to work as soon as you are comfortable and receive proper anesthetic.
Depending on your treatment, we may also as for medical history. The more we know, the better we can provide safe and effective treatments for all of our patients. Call us today to get your emergency appointment locked in and give your oral health the timely care it may need.

Schedule Your Appointment Today

Emergency dental treatments should always be as timely as possible. So if you think you have a dental emergency on your hands, then give us a call to set up your appointment right away. We provide fast, compassionate care oriented around saving your smile and keeping it healthy. Call us today to schedule your appointment for emergency dentistry in Irvine as soon as possible. We look forward to doing our part in giving your teeth the care they need when the unexpected happens.